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DateAMillionaire Review

The developer introduces the millionaire dating service as “Premier Millionaire Dating Community.” That means anyone can join the site with such a reasonable expectation. Currently, it has around 14,000 active members per month with about three hundreds active members online on a daily basis. However, it keeps increasing from time to time. Although no dating site provides you guarantee to find your perfect match all the time, the hundreds of success stories shared online are the solid proof that it is a promising site to join with.

Sign Up

The registration process is easy and straightforward. The necessary registration should finish below 10 minutes. You can quickly complete the free membership registration and use the limited features the moment you ended the verification. The paid membership requires more time but granting you the advanced features the moment you complete the registration.
There is also the three-day trial that you can try so that you will know how it is going when using the premium membership. During the registration, you will be asked about how much you earn on an annual basis or your net worth. The verified members will receive the gold badge, indicating that you are a wealthy man. You will need to upload the photo ID and the most recent tax receipts to confirm your income.
For non-millionaire, you don’t need to upload the tax receipts but the photo ID.


Anyone can join with the site for free. The standard members won’t spend a dime on enjoying the basic features provided by the section. Paid membership is available for those who want to use advanced services. Here are the details.
Paid Membership Details

  1. 3 Days Plan - $7.93
  2. 1 Month Plan - $29.86
  3. 3 Months Plan - $39.89 | $13.30 / month

As mentioned, the standard membership is free of cost. However, the site limits the free members from accessing the advanced features. With the free membership, the free members can use the simple search feature and view the other members’ profiles. However, you can’t reach out the other members because the email system and instant messages features are locked. To unlock them, you will want to upgrade your membership to the paid one. is also selective in providing the payment gateway. It only accepts credit card payment.


The memberships can be categorized into three mains:

  1. free membership
  2. paid membership
  3. verified accounts. The open group is obvious. You can use the basic features with limitations. Both paid and verified accounts can use the advanced features. The premium members have more privileges and accessibility than free members.

Key Features

We want to highlight the key features that you can consider before joining with the site.

  1. The Chat rooms and audio chat rooms
  2. Instant messaging
  3. Forums
  4. Add favorites
  5. Stealth mode to appear offline
  6. Income verification - fewer fakers, fewer scammers, less bogus profiles
  7. Verified millionaires have a lifetime membership

The premium users can add their favorites to their favorite bookmarks. Not to mention that every verified member can store the records of communication, pictures, and other pivotal information in a sacred book called “Little Black Book.” Only you will know the content of the book. You can also block other annoying member or hide your online status to improve your privacy and discretion.

The highlighted safety and Security

As mentioned, you can hide your online status to appear offline. However, you can only enjoy this feature if you have a premium account. The feature name is “Stealth Mode.” It will keep your profile hidden while you are still able to use all the features provided by the dating site.


The dating site is considered to be one of the biggest memberships in web-based wealthy dating. Their style and data intense approach has been proven effective and helped them excel. When you visit, the first thing you will notice is their style. Layout and colors are reminiscent of the 90s. Primarily, the site’s navigation is somewhat clunky and seems tedious, but not problematic at all. After a person gets familiar with the site, the feel and look becomes already manageable. Obviously, the site’s lack of sexiness is very noticeable. The site refrains from statements promising hot weekends and exotic adventures for their visitors. The absence of glamour here is a statement in itself. The site has shunned the sparkle and glitz because of its structured utilitarian look.

Rather than promoting the convenience of arrangement type of encounter, takes a practical approach with importance on results and substance. Most importantly, the site has achieved that through its extremely thorough gathering process revealing preferences, personality, habits, social activities, attitudes and a lot more. It is the packaging of this comprehensive information along with the site’s management of their databases or membership that results in benefits for their members of dating quality and successful relationships.

The first step in becoming a member at is to sign up freely which prompts you to submit your profile. This may take some time just like in signing up in any social media platform. You can already submit photos and if forgotten, pop out reminders will appear frequently. From there, if you are energetic, you will now move into the searches section. The site had realized that searches drive the real action of any dating site. At, you can choose from 31 search definitions. Its format is multi-checkbox with an extremely kind array of choices available. In this manner, you can make choices and save searches by its name. It is a dull method which requires some reflection, but crucial for determining some well suited prospects. With this, you can actually attract multiple members that are highly appealing.

As a basic member, performing a search turns up an excellent selection for women aged 30 to 45 in a local US zip code. Thus, results are numbered in hundreds. Combined with the local members are few more distant members with impressive compatibility factors. A same search for men yielded the same results, but with an understandably lower total of listings. The’s listing likely features typical member info with space provided, a member chosen tagline and/or their partner type. Moreover, there is a great quality of photo besides the listings.

Presumptuous you are getting to know your share of interesting members, has a couple of useful features that can help anyone manage his/ her new founds. Their clever yet handy tool is called the Little Black Book. Members can store personal or private photos and info that they exchange or share with favored members, but prefer to lay off limits to others on the site. This is a great feature and is worth using.

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