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Seeking Millionaire Review is one of top millionaire dating sites with thousands of millionaire singles as the members. It’s a specific dating site which allows millionaire males and females find each other. The verified members are those who earn 100,000 or are worth more than $1 million. So, it’s pretty clear that is a very exclusive millionaire dating sites. Seeking Millionaire is very distinctive than other millionaire dating sites due to eligible membership policy. A free membership is available for users but they can upgrade to the premium membership at good prices.


As this article is written, the premium membership cost by
$59.95 for 1-month membership
$139.95 for 3 months membership
$239.95 for 6 months membership
For full-featured membership, you can consider the Platinum which costs $209.95 receive credit card only

Free Membership

Free Membership provides you limited access to the features. You can message the millionaire members but you can’t contact them. You also can’t have the message read receipt with free members. To get the full access to advanced features and services, upgrade your accounts and see the differences.

Platinum Membership

The Platinum membership is the most premium membership in the platform. It provides advanced features compared to free and upgraded memberships. These include checking the background of millionaire members, verifying identity and net worth.

Mobile App is responsive to the mobile internet as it has developed the mobile app so you can access the platform through your handled devices. mobile app is available for Android and iOS. This way, you can be more responsive to any notifications or chats from millionaire males or females you want to engage with.   

Relationship Ideas

There are various types of relationships you can have through Seeking Millionaire. These include intimate, casual, affairs, and even long-term relationship to marriage. You need to determined whether you want to be a spoiler or be spoiled. If you’re the second type, you need to reveal more about your interest in Seeking Millionaire including what kind of relationship you want to have through this platform.

Membership Verification

Seeking Millionaire strictly verifies the accounts especially the validity of photos and income/worth. You can have a more secure line in finding your desired men or women by taking a platinum membership. All verified members are the same people with those who they’re claiming on. Say goodbye to fake accounts and frauds in Seeking Millionaire. Blog

You can enrich your knowledges by accessing the millionaire dating blog of Seeking Millionaire. It’s an eligible source of inspirations and guides related to the millionaire dating. If you’re exploring the million dating, would be very helpful in finding the information. In fact, the blog is the best starting point especially if you’re completely new to millionaire dating.

Superb Search Engine

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’re connected with tons of rich and elite members. They could be celebs, sportsmen, public figures, or simply rich people. Fortunately, the search engine of Seeking Millionaire undoubtedly superb. You're not only able to search the members by username, keywords, or locations but also by ethnicity, age, measurements, appeals, body type, and so forth. This way, you can have a more effective searching which is aligned with your personal requirements and interest. In fact, the search engine would be more dependable as the number of the member continuously increases.

Seeking Arrangements

As this article is written, has transformed into which is likely more inclusive than the older version. Get your arrangements now!


Also known as the wealthy dating sister of, is believed to be one of the greatest dating sites on the web. Right from the site’s welcome page, the site promotes the benefits and advantages of wealthy dating. Good looking ladies that are already tired of dating the ordinary ones are primed to date wealthy, rich, successful singles. These successful and wealthy men are encouraged to pursue gorgeous, classy singles. It is a spending looking site featuring a center of the road style that is contemporary, but not too glamorous.

As a major rule, a dating site’s triumph comes from having a big base of members. If the site offers a huge base for searching members, there is a big chance of getting a large number of members. In this sense,’s success is purely a numbers game. Moreover, other less observable factor is the activity level of a site’s membership. How a site encourages and stimulates members to get involved can surely make a huge difference for sites that do not have the biggest member bases. For an instance, a dating site that awards members to upload multiple photos may have more progression from others.

Surely, it becomes a case of raising and funding activity levels of those individuals who belong to creative, insightful approaches for engaging the membership. Effective and efficient ways of getting membership active and involved is a crucial step in making the dating site an excellent one for the members. This makes the wealthy dating sites afar from those lower class dating sites. The access and policies employed and provided to free members and their perception of the sites potential is a key that breaks or makes the for a newcomer. Certain site’s practices and policies will foster that interest and make them flourish.

The homepage of is the primary navigation starting point as it shows a sampling of member photos. The listed features available for when they got into it worked well and are mechanically sound. The navigation is sound with good performance and logic. On the other hand, the menus are questionable, particularly in the searches section. Their free or standard searches are segmented into groups by newest members, location, last log in, and a lot more. This approach negates a person’s ability to combine the factors offered and creates less than enviable results.

Performing searches by location does not offer a narrow enough perimeter like city or zip code. The search results for listing were narrowed only to some state levels. Member’s listings are well designed with an excellent quality of photo. For premium members, orange background colors are observed. The details provided with listings were handy and great. Clicking on the listing brings up a truly nicely designed partial profile offering much of what a member would be interested in finding a prospect. Photos are very clear and large enough. What promises to do well is done extremely well. Member involvement starts with policies that hold and attract a member’s interest.

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